Monday, June 15, 2015

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed taking this class overall and I am happy that I got the experience too. I think that the process of creating the still-life painting was really fun and the people are definitely a factor to what makes this class so great. When creating the still-life I think it was really fun process of getting all the subjects together and organizing the way we wanted them. I really liked how we had a choice on what colors we wanted to create and how we wanted to set it up because it felt more personal. Through this I was able to show my style in the painting and that definitely impacted my learning because it made me not rely as much on other people and I feel like I found the techniques that I like to create most. One somewhat small assignment that I enjoyed this year was the still-life studies. Although it was just a small in-class assignment I felt like it impacted me because it helped me prepare for my final still-life. It was also really fun to experiment different techniques like the pallet-knife on these still-life studies. Another thing I really enjoyed this year was watercoloring. Before this class I never have thought of watercoloring as fun (partially because I didn't know how to do it). I loved making different painting techniques and experimenting with it as I went on. I am really proud of the center landscape image because it shows everything I did surrounding it all wrapped up in one painting. I found this assignment to be the best one the entire year because it was stress-free and really fun for everyone around me. I learned so much this year and looking back I see that I would probably do some things differently. This class has also brought out more of who I am as an artist as far as techniques, details, and more.

Watercolor Techniques

To experiment and learn a variety of watercolor techniques.

I learned many things from doing this in-class assignment. It definitely impacted my learning because I remember before this piece of work I had never liked watercoloring because I didn't know how to do it. The most important concepts I learned from this are the different techniques that helped me create what I wanted. Some of these techniques I didn't even know I was capable of doing so I learned a lot overall. This assignment taught be the basics of watercoloring and definitely helped me finish the center landscape piece.

Work of Art that I am the most proud of

Out of all the classwork we did, my realistic self portrait was my favorite one to do and I was very pleased with how it turned out. Overall, I thought the beginning of this project was stressful because we had to located exactly where everything was and make the proportions accurate as well. The shading was a difficult thing for me (especially in the hair) and overall I definitely learned from this and it benefitted me in ways I couldn't have imagined before. I am mostly happy with this piece because I didn't know that I was capable of doing something like this because I had never worked with charcoal before. This project definitely made my confidence in art increase and I am glad I got to do a project like this to experience something new.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Final Still-Life Painting


  • To communicate all of your knowledge about color and painting techniques to create a final, more complex, still-life painting (than your smaller still-life studies);
  • To use your knowledge about composition and placement to arrange your fruit and/or vegetable to create a strong composition.

I did incorporate a few things into my final still-life. For example, I definitely focused on paying attention to detail and shading in my final piece. I really spent a lot of time on all the little things (details in the flowers, leaves, shells, etc). Another thing I spent a lot of time on was the mixture of my colors that I used to create different values. Although some of my colors aren’t realistic in my painting I’m glad I spent the time to make them how I liked.

Overall I think I had more successes than challenges in this assignment. I thought I did a good job of sketching out where everything was and also made sure the subjects were in proportion to each other. I think another thing I did well was creating my shells, and flowers. I spent the most time on them and really payed attention to the detail when doing so. The biggest challenge I faced was my background color. I am still not excited about how bright it came out because in my opinion I think it makes my subjects not stand out as much. I couldn’t really fix my background after without starting over so I decided to leave it as it was. Another challenge I faced was painting the glass the way I wanted it. I had never painted glass before so I had some trouble with making it stand out.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Perspective Strategies

Linear perspective deals with the organization of different shapes in the space they are filling.
Aerial perspective deals with the tones and different colors in the painting and how they represent the atmosphere they are set in. 

  • Horizon line- The axis around which a perspective drawing is constructed

  • Vanishing point-Surfaces that travel away from the viewer and converge towards a single place on the horizon line

  • Orthogonal lines- Are receding lines that are drawn from each end of the corner to each one of the vanishing points

  • Transversal lines-Lines that are always creating a right angle to the orthogonal lines. They are also always parallel to the picture plane.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Still-Life Studies

After completing my still-life studies I have many things that I would still like to keep in mind while creating my final still-life painting. I need to keep reminding myself that shading is one of the most important things when creating a still-life as well as using different values. I think the mixture of the different paints that I used worked well when I needed different values while doing my still-life studies. I enjoyed using the pallet knife so in my final I might add some different textures using that. Lastly, for my color scheme I might use a brightish purple background against my subjects which are going to be more neutral colors.  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

What is a still life?

A still life is the study of inanimate objects. Typically in a still life, one would see everyday objects. One important feature in the art of creating a still life is that the artist can have as much control as they desire. The lighting or reflection can be altered as well as the angle they look at it. Still life painting can be seen as an abstract form of art. Tracing back to the 17th century is when still life painting had become its own as a genre. Still life painting has been taken in all different directions and it still today remains a fairly popular genre. 

Chung Ae Kim
No date 

I chose this image because I think it is very beautiful and I really like the vibrant colors in the flowers. The thing that drew my attention was mainly the lighting. In this particular painting the lighting makes the overall painting look alive and realistic. I think this will really influence my work because it will push me to create more detail in things like the flowers, the table lines, or even the clouds outside the window. It will also push me to create more shadows where the vase and plate are.